5 Practical Ways How The Lilo Smartwatch Can Help in Modern Parenting

5 Practical Ways How The Lilo Smartwatch Can Help in Modern Parenting

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Still thinking whether or not you want to purchase a Lilo smartwatch for your kids?

Well, fear no more! Here are some ways on how the Lilo, Little Locator smartwatch can help you ease modern parenting.

1. Using it as a replacement for a smartphone

Giving your child a smartphone at an early age maybe a dilemma for most parents these days. Children usually gets addicted to smartphones because you can download game applications on it and there will be times when you cannot control this.

Instead of relying on a smartphone as a bridge to give you a peace of mind regarding your child, why not get them a Lilo smartwatch instead?

Lilo, Little Locator can give you the peace of mind that you need when it comes to your child. You can call them anytime, leave voice messages and know where they are – among many other features.

2. Create a radius of safety

One of the features of the Lilo smartwatch is that you can set a radius around a specific location. With this, you can know if your child left his/her “safe zone” (i.e. far from school). You will immediately be notified once the Lilo smartwatch, that your child is wearing, leaves the area. This can help you get that peace, knowing that your child is always in the safe zone.

3. Get real-time location information

The main feature of the Lilo smartwatch is that is a GPS tracking smartwatch. It can know where your child is anytime, anywhere. It uses 3 tracking technology to give 100% accuracy, real-time.

WI-FI positioning makes sure the accuracy of location is assured via access points integrated with Real-Time Tracking.

GPS or global positioning system provides accurate geolocation and time information.

Meanwhile, LBS uses cell sites triangulation to ensure location accuracy in caseWi-Fi positioning or GPS is unavailable.

4. Track activities

Using Lilo’s  real-time location information, you will be able to track your kids wherever they go on your Lilo app. Get the comfort you deserve while tracking where your child goes whenever they are outside playing or attending an event.

Let them explore and discover the world without worrying.

5. Emergency SOS alert

Wondering if your child can reach out to you when he/she is in danger? Fear not as the Lilo smartwatch also has a S.O.S feature! When under threat or in danger, your child can simply press the S.O.S button and you will instantly be alerted!

Can You Seriously Trust a Device for Parenting?

Given today’s day and age, modern parents already rely on technology and gadgets to help them monitor their children.

You cannot remove the worry that you always feel whenever your child is outside or if he/she is not in front of you. With the Lilo smartwatch, you can delay the introduction of smartphones to your children especially if you just want to know where they are.

The Lilo smartwatch can help you add and extra layer of security to ensure an easier and better upbringing.

Still not convinced?

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