FAQ: How does the Lilo Watch Track my Location?

FAQ: How does the Lilo Watch Track my Location?

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Still debating whether or not you are getting the Lilo – Little Locator watch for your little one? Read about a crowd favorite feature that can be found on the Lilo watch – The Tracking feature. It maybe enough to convince you why you should get one for your kid. As a parent, one cannot help but always worry and think about where their kids, and if they are safe. With the tracking feature of the Lilo watch get that peace of mind when it comes to your kid’s location REAL TIME. Yes you read it right! You will know your kid’s location real time anytime you want to. You may wonder “how can this tiny watch give me the exact location where my kid is?” The Lilo watch uses 3 kinds of tracking system to ensure the accuracy and real-time location tracking promise that the product is offering.

  1. Wi-fi positioning
  2. GPS
  3. LBS

Wi-Fi Positioning

The wi-fi positioning helps the Lilo watch assure the accuracy of location by using the access points being integrated with Real-Time tracking.


GPS or global positioning system provides accurate geolocation and time information of the Lilo watch user. The Wi-Fi positioning and GPS tracking system goes hand in hand to ensure that the real-time location is accurate. But, what if there is weak to unavailable Wi-Fi and GPS signal? What now? Here enters the 3rd tracking system the Lilo watch uses.


LBS or Location Based Service uses cell sites triangulation or signal that can help discover and pin point the location accuracy just in case the Wi-Fi positioning and GPS is unavailable in certain areas. Given that the Lilo watch is using these 3 kinds of tracking system, you can be sure with the accuracy and real-time result when you want to know where your kid is. Try out the Lilo watch now! Come visit us in our stores Rustan’s, Toys R Us, and Toy Kingdom. Or save the hassle of battling traffic to head to Lilo’s retail branches by ordering online on

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