FEATURED IN SMART PARENTING! Protect your loved ones with a watch

FEATURED IN SMART PARENTING! Protect your loved ones with a watch

July 18, 2018 0 By

“I wanted her to be independent, yet I still wanted to protect her even if I’m not there”

“I was drawn to Little Locator’s website because everything I needed to know was there, and when I contacted the support, they patiently answered all my questions.”

“The function I love most is the ‘Listen’ tool because I can listen to her environment without the watch ringing”

“P4,000 Price Tag on This Tracker Watch Is Worth It”

These are just some phrases of what Hannah, a mom of a 5 year old daughter, mentioned about the Lilo, Little Locator watch on Smart Parenting.

Hanna discovered the Lilo smartwatch through Smart Parenting Village (a group on Facebook). There she asked mothers what is a smartwatch they would recommend that can keep her child safe and protected.

Even if the mothers recommended different brands, Hannah still did her research and was draw to Litte Locator, Lilo’s website.

Hannah initially thought her 5 year old would play with the Lilo smartwatch and call them nonstop, but she was wrong. She introduced Lilo to her daughter and surprisingly her daughter was able to navigate through the smartwach quickly. Hannah also noted that the kid-friendly animation helped her daughter to understand how the smartwatch worked.

Hannah believes for the price the Lilo smartwatch is, it’s worth it. Knowing that her daughter is safe even if she is not around gives her peace because Hannah’s daughter wears the Lilo smartwatch every time she leaves the house. As a parent, Hannah feels that there is “nothing that can replace having a peace of mind knowing that my daughter is safe”

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Thank you so much mommy Hannah!

Your kids safety is our top priority and we will continue to give mothers and parents like you a peace of mind through our Lilo smartwatch where you can track and monitor their location anywhere, anytime.

Have you been enjoying your Lilo smartwatches as well?

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