FEATURED IN WHENINMANILA! There’s no price tag for your child’s safety.

FEATURED IN WHENINMANILA! There’s no price tag for your child’s safety.

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“To me, Lilo is in the business of securing your most cherished treasure.”

“What you’re actually paying for are its three-way tracking system, an intuitive multi-feature app, and locally available technical support.”

“There’s no price tag for your child’s safety.”

“The developers made sure that the watch would not be a distraction to your child by only including the essentials (voice call and messaging), excluding games from its functions.”

“Overall, the Lilo App – just like everything else Lilo – is well-thought out to give non-techie parents the easiest time in using the device.”

These are some of what John has to say about his experience with the Lilo (Litte Locator) watch that he bought for Evie.

John has a story that lead him to this purchase:

John had an experience wherein his nephew went missing while they were inside the mall. John’s sister and his parents went to SM The Block and never thought that the situation could happen. They believed that with three eyes watching his nephew, his nephew will be safe.

However, the unthinkable suddenly happened.  John’s mom approached John’s sister, pale faced, telling her that “Paul is missing!”.

John’s sister and parents went to search for her son and asked around. Luckily, John’s nephew was found and was accompanied by two nurses from City Center (can you believe John’s nephew was able to cross the bridge to City Center!)

As a result, now that John has a 2 year old of his own. He wanted that nothing like that will happen to his daughter.

John and his wife did not hire any nanny so his eyes (and his wife’s eyes) are always focused on his daughter. But just to be extra careful, John decided to purchase a Lilo smartwatch for his little Evie so he can be at peace knowing that he could track where his little one is.

You can read about John’s detailed experience and review here (click me)

Thank you John for the write up! We are glad that the Lilo smartwatch was able to help you with monitoring Evie. As a result, it was able to give you a peace of mind with her safety is our top priority.

With Lilo, we always want to make sure your kid is safe and to give each parent a peace of mind through our smartwatches where they can track and monitor their child’s location anywhere, anytime.

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