Finding Lilo: Lazada Edition

Finding Lilo: Lazada Edition

November 20, 2018 2 By

One of the places where you can purchase official Lilo – Little Locator smartwatches, besides their official website is through Lazada.

Lazada is one of the top leading e-commerce platform where you can buy anything being offered at the site.

You can find Lilo’s official Lazada profile by clicking this link here – click me

For anyone knew on this blog or if you haven’t heard about Lilo yet, let me introduce Lilo to you.

Lilo or Little Locator is a smartwatch that has a GPS tracker wherein it can help you track your child so you can be updated about their location anywhere in the Philippines (even if you go abroad*!)

There are a lot of features that the Lilo smartwatch can do besides tracking down your child’s location.

Features include:

  • Voice calls
  • Voice messages (yes you can leave a message for your little one!)
  • Alert zones (you can set up “alert zones” so if your child leaves that area, you’ll be immediately notified)
  • S.O.S (your child can click the S.O.S button when he/she is feels they are in danger!!)

* Lilo smartwatches work at countries that provide 2G supported network
* Lilo creators also suggest to purchase the local sim so that you will not pay roaming fees

You can read about how people feel toward the Lilo smartwatch by heading to the home page of this blog or simply clicking me.

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Team Lilo’s wants to give you, parents the peace of mind you deserve especially when it comes to your most valuable treasure – your kids.