Give your grandparents the gift of happiness this Christmas season

Give your grandparents the gift of happiness this Christmas season

November 28, 2018 0 By

One of the greatest joys of grandparents are their grandchildren.

No one can explain the joy and happiness whenever they see the little ones come and greet them.

Why not be part of helping build that connection even at a young age? There has been instances wherein the grandchildren are busy playing games and cannot even give a call to their grandparents.

Did you know, one of Lilo, Little Locator smartwatch’s feature is that the smartwatch can link to multiple pairings!

That’s right! Lolo, Lola can also see where your little one is. They can also track, monitor and even leave messages for them.

It’s hard to get lost without a phone, so there is a high chance that Lolo and Lola has their own phones. If they don’t why not give them their own smartphone and pair it with their apo’s Lilo smartwatch!

It’s easy to build a healthy relationship between the two sides at a young age.

We noticed Lola Camy buying a Lilo smartwatch at Toys R Us and we asked her if it was okay to get her contact details so we could ask her about her experiences and how she felt.

This is what Lola Camy has to say:

“I remember having my best memories with my grandparents when I was young . Technology did not exist and my parents had to work. I remember being left with my grandparents to play and spend time together. It helped me mold myself to where I am right now. I wouldn’t be successful if I didn’t have a happy relationship with my grandparents because all I wanted to do was to make them and my parents proud. Time was definitely ticking for my grandparents so I always put my best foot foward because I wanted to show them the achievements I was able to reach”

“Now, having an apo of my own I bought her a Lilo smartwatch and linked it to my phone. It helps me build a relationship with her and it makes my day whenever she calls me thru her Lilo smartwatch. Just a few minutes hearing her voice can make a difference in my day and in her Lolo’s day. We even have our own secret code”

You can also make grandparents build and have a healthy relationship with their apo simply by linking their smartphones to the Lilo app.

For those who doesn’t know what is Lilo, here is a quick idea about it.

Lilo, Little Locator is a smartwatch with a GPS tracker which can help you monitor and locate your child wherever they maybe.

Not only that, you can also do these other features with the Lilo watch:

  • Voice call
  • Voice message
  • Real-time location tracking
  • Alert Zones
  • Send S.O.S notifications

Why not help grandparents build a happy and healthy relationship with their apo with a Lilo smartwatch?

There are multiple ways wherein you can get your very own Lilo smartwatch.

You can either order online through:

Lilo’s official website
Lilo Shopee page
Lilo Lazada page.

If you want to physically see the Lilo smartwatch, you may visit

Rustan’s department stores (Shangri-la Mall, Alabang, Makati)
Toys R Us branches (Rockwell, Robinsons Magnolia, Glorietta, Shangri-la Mall)
Toy Kingdom (North Edsa)

If you have some questions about the Lilo smartwatch, you can find us on our Facebook and Instagram page.

We will be more than happy to assist you in all of your inquiries online and offline.

Giving you a peace of mind about your child’s safety is our top most priority.

Not only that, we want your child to have good memories with each member of the family – including the grandparents.