How to be a SMART Parent this Summer

How to be a SMART Parent this Summer

March 27, 2019 0 By

It’s not easy being a parent, especially if you’re a “millennial mom”. Someone who constantly tries to find the balance between taking care of a child, going out to work and taking care of household needs.

With social media on the rise, we often hear about experiences from millennial moms with multiple worries at the same time.

Worrying about their kid’s safety, managing family income and household matters.

In the end, millennial moms are left with no choice but to hire a nanny to help them take care and look after their kids while they are busy working or when their kids need to be picked up from school.

Because of everyday demands, most moms lose time to bond with their kids and only hears stories from their kid’s nannies.

It is not easy being a mom these days but it’s not impossible to find a way to be able to spend more bonding time with your kids. We are living in an advance world and with the help of technology and a little gadget, moms can now gather more time with their kids.  

What is this little gadget? I am talking about the Lilo – Little Locator watch.

The makers of the Lilo watch understands and sympathizes the need of parents and mothers having more bonding time with their kids and kept this need as their top priority while designing this product. The Lilo watch is actually a smartwatch that can help parents keep updated with their kids anytime, anywhere.

One of the features of the Lilo watch is that you can track your kid’s location wherever they may be especially when they are outside your dictated “safe zones”. An alert will be sent immediately on your mobile phones as soon as your kid has left the “safe zone”.

Not only does the Lilo watch monitors your kid’s location, but it also has a voice messaging and call feature. With this you can use to send quick messages like “I love you”, “don’t skip meals” or “study hard”.

Even with these short messages, your kid can definitely feel how much you love them despite being miles apart.

Another helpful feature, a favorite among parents, is the “SOS” button. With this feature you will get alerted immediately as soon as your child needs help or is in an emergency.

This 2019, it’s not too late to add a resolution to yourself! Give your kids the safety and security that they deserve.

Try out the Lilo watch on the following retail branches: Rustan’s, Toys R Us, and Toy Kingdom.

Save the hassle of battling traffic to head to Lilo’s retail branches by ordering online on

Lilo’s official website
Lilo Shopee page
Lilo Lazada page

There are 4 colors to choose from – black, blue, pink and white!

If you have some questions about the Lilo smartwatch, you can find them on their official Facebook and Instagram page.

Team Lilo will be more than happy to assist you in all of your inquiries online and offline.

Being a techie mom is being a SMART mom.