Lilo, Little Locator invades Toy Kingdom, North Edsa!

Lilo, Little Locator invades Toy Kingdom, North Edsa!

November 27, 2018 0 By

We are very excited to finally share the great news!! Lilo, Little Locator smartwatch is finally in Toy Kingdom, North Edsa The Block!

To those residing near North Edsa, you can finally go visit and try the Lilo watch on the spot!

Toy Kingdom, North Edsa The Block can be found on the 3rd Level

Here are some shots to help you find Lilo, Little Locator easier when you visit!

you can approach someone from Team Lilo if you have any inquiries! They will be more than happy to answer all your inquiries

If you’re new or curious about what the Lilo smartwatch is let me give you a hand!

Lilo, or Little Locator for short is a smartwatch that can help you track your child’s location.

For Lilo to give you the real-time location of your child, the smartwatch uses 3 kinds of tracking technology – Wi-Fi positioning, GPS and LBS!

Not only that, the Lilo smartwatch can also do

  • Voice calls
  • Voice messages
  • Set up Alert Zones
  • Send S.O.S signals

It is definitely every parent’s new best friend!

If you’re curious about the Lilo smartwatch, you can read about what our friends from Smart Parenting and When In Manila has to say about the watch.

Smart Parenting:

When In Manila:

Lilo also had it’s TV debut on TV5!

Someone from Team Lilo explained the how the Lilo smartwatch works

Read and watch the whole segment here:

What are you waiting for! Don’t wait for weekend to arrive!!

Come visit our branch at Toy Kingdom and get your very own Lilo – Little Locator watch, a smartwatch that can give you a peace of mind when it comes to your children’s safety .

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