Make it a Blue and White Christmas this 2018

Make it a Blue and White Christmas this 2018

November 30, 2018 0 By

I am dreaming of a Blue and White Christmas! Just like the ones I used to know ❤️️

Time to be excited of the festive season! Since Christmas is in a few days and before as the long weekend is upon us, why not do some early Christmas shopping!

Get your BLUE and WHITE Lilo Smartwatch at 10% OFF!!

Yes you read it right! We are on sale for the BLUE and WHITE Lilo, Lilo Locator smarwatch exclusively on our online stores.

Our online stores:

Lilo Official Website
Lilo’s Lazada page
Lilo’s Shopee page

If you’re new with Lilo smartwatch, let me give you an idea on what the craze is all about!!

Lilo, or Little Locator for short is a GPS locator smartwatch that can help you track your child’s location, anytime.

The Lilo smartwatch uses 3 kinds of tracking technology to provide real-time tracking report. Wi-fi positioning, GPS, and LBS.

Wi-fi positioning uses the accuracy of location via the access points which are integrated with Real-Time Tracking.

GPS or Global positioning system is the one providing accurate geolocation and time information.

Lastly, LBS uses cell site triangulation to ensure location accuracy just in case Wi-Fi positioning and GPS are unavailable.

Not only that, the Lilo smartwatch can do more than tracking!

The Lilo smartwatch can also do:

  • Make and receive Voice Calls
  • Leave Voice Messages
  • Set up Alert Zones
  • Send an S.O.S

You can read all about what Smart Parenting and When in Manila has to say about the Lilo smartwatch.

Smart Parenting:

When in Manila:

If you have any questions about the Lilo smartwatch, you can talk to us on our Facebook and Instagram page.



Team Lilo will be more than happy to assist you in all of your inquiries online and offline.

Giving you a peace of mind about your child’s safety is our top most priority.