Top 5 Tips to be a Super Mom on today’s Digitally Savvy World

Top 5 Tips to be a Super Mom on today’s Digitally Savvy World

December 12, 2018 0 By

In today’s time, it is already common to see someone with a smartphone – old, young you name it!

You cannot avoid technology as it advances as years pass, there are cons to this but there are definitely more pros in the technology world that can definitely help parents as they grow their family – especially for the mothers.

As a mother, you will always worry about your child’s safety and how you can help them grow up in this advanced and fast paced society.

Make technology your friend, not an enemy.

1. Learn and explore everything tech related

One way of knowing how you can enjoy the pros, and appreciation of technology is understanding everything about it.

Research about the features and what the device (i.e. smartphone, TV, etc) can offer you. If the information is too overwhelming, ask help from your husband! He will be more than happy to help you understand how you can maximize something that is tech related.

2. Monkey see, monkey do: Be the role model

Once you understand everything you could about a device, do not spend all your time with it. Studies show that when children grows up, they tend to copy what they see – which means there is a very high chance that they will copy what you or your husband is doing.

If they see you always on your smartphones or always watching TV, there is a chance they will replicate this.

Show them that it is still important to set aside time for people who matter – especially your family.

3. Maximize planners/calendars for time management

Time management is very important if you’re a house mom or a working mom. 24 hours is definitely not enough for anyone these days but keeping track of your goals and tasks for the day can help you.

If you are more of someone who likes to write down the goals, tasks and future schedules – get a planner.

If you hate writing, make use of your smartphone’s calendar app. You can even set alarms on certain events to help you remember something.

The calendar app has helped a lot of parents in monitor their personal, as well as their child’s activities.

4. Explain the pros and cons of tech products to your kids

Do not hide your kids from technology. One way of protecting them is explaining the pros and cons they can get from technology.

The more you take it away from them, the more you won’t be able to keep an eye on them and guide them better as they discover new things everyday.

5. Get yourself a Lilo smartwatch

One way of knowing your child is safe is by getting them a Lilo smartwatch.

Lilo, Little Locator for short is a GPS tracker smartwatch that can help you locate and monitor your child wherever they maybe.

The watch has a real-time location services wherein you can easily located where they are.

Not only that, the Lilo smartwatch can also do voice calls, voice messages, create alert zones and even send a SOS signal! How cool is that?

There are multiple ways wherein you can get your very own Lilo smartwatch.

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Giving you a peace of mind about your child’s safety is our top most priority.