Ways to Make Your Child Feel Secure

Ways to Make Your Child Feel Secure

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As a parent, one of the key jobs is to make sure you are  able to create a safe and secure environment for your children. A place where they feel safe and have the freedom to grow, test boundaries and explore their full potential. Otherwise, they would be consumed by fear and anxiety. Here are some ways on how you can make your child know that they are safe and secure.

Give them Time

One of the most important thing of letting your child know and feel that they are secure is that they know you can offer your time.

Giving Affection

Everyone needs affection – especially children. Children needs affection from their father as much as from their mother. A simple hug, kiss, pat on the back or holding hands is enough for your children to know that you love them. As they grow, how you show your affection can make a huge difference.

Praising Them

The best people children want to get praises from is their parents. It helps them build their self-worth and self-esteem. Be sure to praise them loud and proud. When children knows that their parents are proud of their achievements – even the slightest ones, can help them be driven and reach their maximum potential

Listening to Them

Everyone has a lot going on their minds – and that is no excuse when it comes to your children. As they grow up, they will have a lot of things on their minds. Make sure when they are talking to you, you are all ears. Even if they are talking nonsense, you can get a feeling on who they are and who might they become as they grow up. You’ll get to see on how they also think and feel towards a certain topic. Your children needs to know that they feel safe and comfortable talking to you about anything under the sun. This level of trust will definitely benefit everyone involved.

Providing Balance

As a parent, one of the challenges is to discipline your child. You must find a way to balance disciplining and showing mercy to your children. When your child makes a mistake, correct them by giving them a punishment or consequence. However, explain to them what did they do wrong and why it is a mistake. But don’t forget to remind them that everyone makes mistakes, even you.
Knowing what you did wrong is already one step in becoming a better person, and you must encourage your child to do their best not do repeat the same mistake.

Giving them Unconditional Love

Whenever your child fails, knowing that dad and mom will be there to offer a hug and tell them “it’s okay” and they can try again can be an example of unconditional love. Letting your children know that whatever may happen, it is without question that you will always love them. This can help children go beyond the box, not afraid to fail.

Getting assistance from technology

Since we live in the 21st century, there are a lot of ways to communicate and make your child feel safe and secure no matter where they are. As a parent, you wouldn’t want your child to be addicted with a smartphone just because you want them to feel secured.

The Lilo smartwatch can be an alternative to parents who don’t want to immediately start “educating” their  children with a smartphone

Lilo, Little Locator for short has a voice call and voice message feature that lets you leave a message wherever your child maybe without the distraction the smartphone offers.


  • Get in touch with your child easily because Lilo can make and receive calls


  • Leave short encouraging words or even a simple goodluck to your child’s Lilo watch anytime you want.

Lilo’s features doesn’t end there!

The Lilo smartwach also as a GPS tracker where you do real-time location tracking to help you monitor your child’s safety anytime! Not only that, Lilo also has an alert zone and S.O.S. feature giving you the peace of mind you need.

There are multiple ways wherein you can get your very own Lilo smartwatch.

You can either order online through:

Lilo’s official website www.getlilo.com
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