Your 2018 Christmas Shopping Guide in Rustan’s

Your 2018 Christmas Shopping Guide in Rustan’s

November 18, 2018 0 By

As the month of December is arriving and the jingle songs are playing, the holiday season is approaching!

Have you already started buying gifts for your friends and loved ones?

Why not check out Rustan’s Christmas gift guide? We spotted our very own Lilo smartwatch!

Aside from the Lilo smartwatch that Rustan’s has suggested, they also suggested other gift ideas.

Rustan’s other gift guides or ideas are:

  • The Yumbox Blue Panino
  • John Hinde Mugs and assorted colors of My Name toothbrush
  • The Buddy Phones standard headphone in the color blue
  • Stephen Joseph blue shark bottle
  • Rustan JR longsleeves plaid chinese collar button down with pockets
  • Neck & Neck Boys navy blue raincoat with coat
  • Spiderman 2in1 microfiber handkerchief
  • Rustan JR gray pants with hem fold
  • Justice League black Superman watch
  • Neck & Neck boys maroon bermuda shorts
  • New Balance kids sports shoes
  • Under Armor black backpack
  • Chico blue loafers

You can read about Rustan’s complete gift guide here (click me)

Why not make someone’s Christmas by giving him/her their very own Lilo smartwatch.

Share the love with a co-parent this 2018!

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