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Prepaid or Postpaid?

We highly recommend Postpaid SIM cards as it gives you trouble-free use of the device. You will need Call credits and a Data Plan to use the device as intended. (note: Average data consumption is 100MB/month only).

Prepaid SIM card will also work, but we recommend that you load your device with Call and Data Promo Package (e.g. P299 unli data 1 month). This is to avoid having to pull the SIM card out just to register to a promo.

  • For Globe users, dial *143# and use the “Share-A- Load/Promo” and choose “Send Promo”
  • For Smart users (click here) and see “Text Promos” and “Data Promos”
  • For Sun users (click here) and see Give-A- Load Promos
*Note: If you load your SIM card with load credits only, telcos will charge you P5.00/15mins which will consume a lot in less than a day.
How to turn-off or reboot the watch?
As a security measure, the watch cannot be turned-off or rebooted by the power button. This is to avoid kids from purposely or accidentally turning off the watch.

However if you really need to reboot or turn-off the device, simply touch the screen with one finger then hold the power button at the same time for 5 seconds or more.

Once off, hold the power button again for at least 2 seconds to power up the watch.
I cannot call the watch?

As a security measure, the device automatically rejects calls from numbers that are not on the contact list. To add trusted contact numbers, use the Lilo App (www.getlilo.com/download).

Can two (2) persons track one (1) watch?
Yes. Simply pair the watch using its QR Code/IMEI Code on another mobile phone. You can also see who are following your device by clicking on the Lilo Watch information.

  1. Select a watch by tapping on the the Location Pin on the map
  2. Then select the “i” button on the lower left of the Watch Menu
  3. Finally, select "Watch Followers"
How do I pair the watch?

The  watch  has  to  be  online before  any  pairing  can  proceed.  Please  follow these  steps below  to  pair  a  watch  with  your  mobile  phone

  1. Insert  a  SIM  card  on  the  watch
  2. Ensure  the  SIM  card  has  a  working "Data  Plan"
  3. Turn on Watch and wait for a few minutes
  4. Check for the "connected" icon on the Watch's Home screen.

  5. Download  the  Lilo  App  (click here)
  6. Go  to  the  App  and  select "Watches" on  the  menu
  7. Select "Pair  Watch"
  8. Scan  your  IMEI  QR  Code  to  pair  (located  inside  the  box)
  9. Wait  for  confirmation

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