IMEI Safety

Each Lilo Watch is provided with a unique IMEI Code: this is your watch’s pairing ID. The owner will be notified if the watch has been paired and is being "followed" by a new user. If there are any unauthorized "followers" kindly report them to us by contacting us at 0927-498-6414 and 0929-614-6414. You can also reach us through messenger

To report unauthorized followers,

  1. Select a watch by tapping on its Location Pin.
  2. On the menu look for the "Info" icon on the lower left corner
  3. On the Info Page, tap on "Follower"
  4. Look for the unauthorized follower and contact us
  5. Our Lilo Security Team will immediately jump on your report and perform appropriate actions
Finally for safety purposes, kindly keep your Lilo Box. If you wish to discard it, kindly remove and destroy the stickers first.

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